VIP Club Page

At Spice Bingo we like to make all our loyal players feel like the VIPs we see them as. We are exactly the sort of bingo site that will strive to look after our regular roomies. There are five levels in our VIP Club and you can climb these through wagering regularly at

  • Member
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Black

We have a system where you acquire VIP Stars by wagering and these will help you to boost your position. For every £10 that you wager playing bingo games, we will give you a star. Additionally, for every £50 you wager on instant games, we will also give you a star. In the future we plan to host bingo promotions where we award VIP Stars as prizes, so keep an eye out for when we launch them.

Your position in the VIP Club will be reviewed every 90 days, so you need to make sure that you are earning VIP stars regularly in order to maintain this level. We will only ever drop you down one VIP level at a time and you shouldn’t worry about it ever being more than this.

The VIP Club is the way in which we look after our long-term players. This is how we make sure that all of the benefits don’t just go to the newbies who are signing up for the welcome bonus. At Spice Bingo, we believe that it is very important to share all of the treats among everyone.

We have a range of different perks that will be given to players in the VIP Club. The quantity of these will depend on which position you are currently classified at. Spice Bingo will not just offer you bonuses, but also mystery gifts and access to exclusive VIP games with massive bingo jackpots. Underneath are the bonus rewards for each level:

  • Member – 25% redeposit bonus
  • Bronze –50% redeposit bonus; 1% monthly cashback; 5,000 LPs birthday bonus
  • Silver – 60% redeposit bonus; 3% monthly cashback; 7,500 LPs birthday bonus
  • Gold – 65% redeposit bonus; 5% monthly cashback; 10,000 LPs birthday bonus
  • Black – 75% redeposit bonus; 7% monthly cashback; 15,000 LPs birthday bonus

Spice Bingo believe in rewarding loyalty and our VIP Club has been setup with exactly this in mind. Boost your position and we will be delighted to reward you with treats.



T&Cs: Cashback is awarded at the beginning of each month. Maximum cashback awarded is £50.

* Terms and Conditions apply