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There is nothing more exciting than being able to get your hands on some cash whilst enjoying some bingo – and our guaranteed jackpots are the way for you to do that!  We have got a fantastic new schedule on the go where you could win some big bucks:

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Fair and Square

When: Wednesday at 8pm
Tickets: 1p each

Prizes will be split as follows:


Full House - £50

2 Lines - £20

1 Line - £10


As the game is Fair and Square you will be happy to know that 1TG and 2TG players will each get £10 shared amongst them. 

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Friday Fortune

When: Friday at 8pm
Tickets: 10p each


Have a look at the prize split:


Full House - £100

2 Lines - £75

1 Line - £50


There is also a nice treat for 1TG players - they will share out £25.

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VIP Jackpot

This one is for our lovely VIP players only – it's definitely a reason for you to keep playing on our site. As it’s exclusive, there’s more chance of winning too!


When: First Saturday of each month at 8pm
Tickets: £1 each


Prizes are split as follows:


Full House - £250

2 Line - £150

1 Line - £100

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Pay Day

When: The last day of every single month

Tickets: 50p each


Full House - £600

2 Liines - £400

1 Line - £250

1TG players - £250

2TG players - £250

3TG players - £250


Break out the champagne this payday with £2,000 up for grabs in this top jackpot game!

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